I am 29+ 😊, a single parent to an amazing 2-year-old boy (going on 16 lol). A lot of my time is spent caring for my son and my mother who is now partially blind and working a full-time job, so I was determined to find something for me. It all began when I had a design created to customise a jacket for my son. It is Sagittarius inspired as he was born 18th December 2018. Yep! A week before Christmas. I had it made into an iron on sticker so I could apply it to the garment myself, great idea at the time but in all honesty, it is still sitting in the draw waiting to be applied lol.

That is when I started to look into customising items; during this process I began to realise how much I enjoyed creating and seeing my vision come to life, so I began my ecommerce business because you never know, someone else might like what I have created too.
Another reason I decided to continue to create items for my store is because for many years I have suffered from depression and anxiety and recently opened my mind to asking for help and talking through my issues with a therapist and other charity volunteers. This was a massive step for me as I have always been surrounded by people, I felt I couldn’t speak to, so I became accustomed to hiding it and feeling like there was something wrong with me. During this process I was encouraged to find something that helped me relax and few of them are colouring/ painting (even though I’m terrible at it) and now creating designs.
I am so grateful for the time and effort I have received from charities and their volunteers that I have decided to donate a percentage of all proceeds raised from sales to these charities so they can continue to provide such a wonderful service and help others just like me.

So here I am! So far it has been both a fustrating and fantastic experience, I have learned so much a long this journey already such as creating this website from scratch and just how many suppliers there are out there to choose from. I hope i am able to offer some amazing products with simple yet stylish designs that anyone would be proud to wear and start raising some real money for donations.

Come on in and see if there is something here for you!



To promote positivity, mental health, love and support. We aim to provide fantastic, great quality products and unique designs for all our products. Catering for all demographics.

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At the heart of Rea’s Designs operates imagination and individuality. We are dedicated to keeping things fresh and providing the best customer service and shopping experience we can.

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Rea’s Designs will deliver optimistic, diverse and unique items whilst sharing our story. Our customer service will be second to none.

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At Rea’s Designs we make magic! We dream it, We do it. We aspire to achieve anything we put our minds to whilst encouraging others to the same.